NOAA Storm Prediction Center Outlook

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SPC Day 4-8 Outlook

Updates are issued at 400 am CST/CDT (0900/1000 UTC) - Current UTC time: Mon, 26-Jun-2017 11:59am GMT


Day 1

D4Thu Jun 29 - Fri Jun 30, 2017 D7Sun Jul 02 - Mon Jul 03, 2017
D5Fri Jun 30 - Sat Jul 01, 2017 D8Mon Jul 03 - Tue Jul 04, 2017
D6Sat Jul 01 - Sun Jul 02, 2017 (All days are valid from 12 UTC - 12 UTC)

PREDICTABILITY TOO LOW is used to indicate severe storms may be possible based on some model scenarios. However, the location or occurrence of severe storms are in doubt due to:
1) large differences in the deterministic model solutions,
2) large spread in the ensemble guidance, and/or
3) minimal run-to-run continuity.

POTENTIAL TOO LOW means the threat for a regional area of organized severe storms appears highly unlikely during the entire period (e.g. less than a 30% probability for a regional severe storm area across the CONUS through the entire Day 4-8 period).

Day 2

Day 3